Day 150: Welcome to the Jungle

Holy freaking moly.

What a long day. Gone from 7:30am to 7:00pm. Blarghhhh… long days suck my soul. However I made the most of my lunch break by escaping to the jungle.

Our office is on a major street but directly next to a stretch of woods. We think homeless people live in there but I’ve never checked. Eek.

When my eyes are especially tired from staring at a screen and I’m beginning to feel like hamster hiding in dark wood shavings, I step outside and just peer into these woods. If I block out the sounds of screaming car engines, I actually feel at peace and rejuvenated. It is my daily meditation. And today I saw a robin playing in the woods. It was so beautiful. And good luck! Yay! I need all the luck I can get.

If you work in an office all day PLEASE make an effort to step outside and enjoy nature and the sun at least once. Your brain and body will thank you. Plus you will be much more productive with a mental hiatus from artificial lighting.

Nature is good for the soul. Especially my work sucked soul.

Welcome to the jungle.

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