Day 159: Easy Quinoa Bean Salad

Sorry for my last post. It was crazy long! Apparently there was a ton of information stored in my brain just waiting to get out.

I love talking about fitness and nutrition so it came pretty easily.

I love eating.

I’ve been eating this salad I made for a couple of days now and it is soooo goooood. However, it is pretty spicy since I cooked my quinoa and lentils in cayenne pepper. Try it if you like that kick.

I didn’t measure anything but here are some ball-park ingredients.

Easy Bean Quinoa Salad

1/2 cup quinoa

1/2 cup lentils

1 can white beans

1/2 diced tomato

1 bunch cilantro

Directions: First cook the quinoa and lentils together. Add cayenne pepper to the water or broth if you are feeling brave. After that is cooked, throw in the rest of the ingredients together and mix. To finish it off I added sea salt, pepper, lemon juice, and olive oil to taste.

This would also be tasty with some chopped nuts. The salad is best served cold during the summer but you can certainly heat it up for a warm mash of healthy fiber and protein. It is refreshing but can set your throat on fire.

Burn baby burn.

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