Day 160: You can always be too prepared

This weekend just flew by! Which is a good thing because Peter comes home Friday :-).

Till then I have a ton of things to jam in this week since I will be out of commission for a week or two ;-).

Sorry, I’ll stop smiling and winking now.


Saturday was a very non-eventful day of sheer physical exhaustion. I woke up perfectly on time for my 10 am spin class after a long night of preparing for my first personal training client! I was pretty nervous and spent hours writing up a program for our first session. I wanted to be overly prepared but flexible during the actual session. There is no such thing as too prepared! I expected to meet him at 11am after spin.

Well about 15 minutes into spin class, the fire alarm went off! The gym was evacuated and we moseyed around outside waiting to get back to business. Thankfully they let us back in only 10 minutes later and we managed to do the full class with suited-up fireman barreling down the halls.

Class ended at about 11:05 so I rushed to the bathroom to wipe of some of the sweat pouring down my body. I really didn’t want my client’s first impression of his personal trainer to be a red-faced, waterlogged loony.

At 11:10 I rushed into the gym. No sign of my client. Anywhere. Oh shoot. Did he think I ditched him? Did he forget? Why is he not answering his cell? Am I losing my mind??

Bummed and embarrassed I went home. Not a good first impression!!

However at noon I got a missed call from my client, saying he would see me tomorrow at 11am. We scheduled for Sunday? Not Saturday? Oh. Whoops. I guess you can be too prepared! For example, being a day early…

Relieved over this misunderstanding, I devoured lunch and headed over to another massage. This time I asked her to focus on my injured foot. I am sick of the pain and want to get better! Well, she brought on the pain all right. For an hour she dug into the tightly wadded ball of tendons encasing my foot, releasing contracted muscles and sending searing pain down to my toes. Oh my god. It was awful. But so good. Obviously I need this. Hopefully I will not cry next time…

I don’t know if it was all the toxins released into my bloodstream or exhaustion from clenching my body in pain, but I was wiped out. So from 4pm to 11pm I alternated between sitting on the couch, lying on the ground, chugging water, and snacking like a mad person.

Holly was concerned with my behavior.

Later that night my sisters and Taylor’s boyfriend came home and kept me company. Nothing like watching the Stanley Cup finals to lift your spirits.

Now you know what happened Saturday. I do not know why I recount my entire day on this blog. So boring! I apologize. It is definitely time to start taking good pictures again and posting some workouts.

What do you think?

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