Day 162: I love you but I don’t have to like you

Sometimes I hate living where I grew up. Everything is very predictable, safe, and easy.

Sometimes I love it.

I love the heat. I love the endless sunshine. I love the summer thunderstorms that roll in every afternoon. I love the ocean. I love seafood. I love the beaches, lakes, and rivers. I love the laid back Floridians.

And I love sunsets.

Yesterday evening a thunderstorm was slowly rolling in across Tampa Bay. The colors of the sinking sun reflected off the billowing clouds in a gorgeous display of yellow, pink, and purple. Fisherman waiting for a catch stood still, submerged in the golden shallows.

It was breathtaking. I was reminded of a Monet painting. It restored my faith in and love for St. Petersburg. You got me. I give in. I love you but I don’t have to like you all the time. I hope you understand.

Just give me a gorgeous summer sunset every day and I’ll be happy.

Daily Workout

Before my photographic love affair with the sunset, I biked to the Vinoy for a full-body workout. I was feeling pretty blah and knew a brisk spin around the neighborhood in the dwindling sunshine would give me energy.

It worked! Sauntering down the water among the happy exercisers while blasting One Direction pumped me up for the gym.

The Vinoy is pretty. You gotta love the 1920’s architecture and pink exterior. So Floridian!

At the gym I focused on upper-body moves and some lower-body plyometrics. My hips and booty are surprisingly sore from yoga! So I gave my legs a break and burned out my shoulders. I love working my shoulders! Mostly because I think it makes my body more proportionate in relation to my big… pecs ;-).


Also to balance out my biceps! And my bicycle helmut. Safety first!

I loved adding plyometric moves back in my routine. I did jumping lunges and squat jumps and my foot was not aggravated! I have felt heavy and weighed down from my newly added muscle and will be incorporating more explosive movements in my workouts.

So excited!

Also excited for Peter! 3 more days…

3 thoughts on “Day 162: I love you but I don’t have to like you

  1. Sigh, I think I would have LOVED to have been raised by the beach. Curious, what do you not like about St. Petersburg?

    1. Hey I read your blog a bit about moving to Florida. So exciting! The reason I do not like St. Pete is mostly for personal reasons. I have lived here my entire life and am ready to explore a new place (plus my boyfriend lives in China!). St. Pete is a great place to raise a family. But now there is a thriving downtown scene for younger people which is fantastic. There are plenty of events and activities going on most weekends such as a Farmer’s Market, concerts, and festivals. Honestly St. Pete is wonderful, if a bit small. You would probably love it! I just need to live in another place for a while and I’m sure you can relate!

      If you have any more questions feel free to email me at

      1. Thanks Kirsten! I totally understand the urge to get out and see something new! 😉
        I definitely will keep that in mind! 🙂

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