Day 161: Healthy Food Prep and My First Personal Training Client!

I have to blog about Sunday. It was so exciting!

The night ended with some late evening food prep while watching my Integrative Nutrition class on how to cook healthy! To do is to learn. I also may have rocked a Christmas apron.

While wearing a green shirt. So festive!

First I prepped a huge batch of quinoa with some diced sun dried tomatoes. That baby is going to last me all week! Next I chopped red bell peppers and carrots to have on handy for salads or topping this week. I also stripped some kale to grab and go for salads.

In the IIN class they showed a fantastic way to strip kale. It is as easy as grabbing hold of the bottom of the stalk and squeezing the leafy green part up. And tada! Perfectly stripped kale! They also said that you can cook a whole onion in boiling water without removing the outer shell. Doing it this way retains the sweet flavor wonderfully. Oh the joys of learning!

In another IIN class I learned about the energetics of food. The topic is really interesting and draws from ancient medicine and knowledge. The anthropologist within me smiles. Maybe I will post about it later. It is seriously cool stuff!

Personal Training- My first client! 

Besides cooking at night, I had a great morning training my first client!There was a slightly scary moment when I woke up a mere 30 minutes before the session… but I pulled it together. And got 10 hours of sleep! Hahaha.

The session went really well! My client is a nice and mellow guy and surprisingly did what I said! We started with a warm-up, did some mobility and core work, then got into his physical therapy moves, finishing it off with some stretching. I was very pleased with how it went and he said he had a great session. I love it!!! Helping somebody get stronger and more able is the best feeling in the world. I am excited to work with him again and help him really progress.

Daily Workout

After the session I demolished lunch then headed to yoga class with Morgan. The class is taught by my mom’s friend who is a great teacher. We did some challenging poses that burned so good and did a lot of deep stretches. It was the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Plus she massaged our feet at the end! I could get used to that.

Family Birthday dinner

Later we all met up with my mom’s side of the family to celebrate my dad and grandmother’s birthdays. We ate at Besa, a Spanish restaurant with weird decor. Including Morgan.

There was some serious glare so my 80 year old grandpa happily loaned Morgan his aviators. Rocking it.

Dinner was pretty good. They had yucca fries which were served with a sweet chipotle mustard sauce and were out of this world. I could eat yucca fries and ice cream all day. Don’t judge.

We finished off dinner with some chocolate birthday cake of course. I have been eating a lot of cake and other sweets recently and my sweet tooth has been raging! I am trying to get it under control this week before Peter comes home. Wish me luck!

And with that… I face plant into bed. Goodnight!

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