Day 167: That time I ate dead bugs

What a wonderful weekend! I am definitely not ready for this work week.

With Peter in town, I am anxious for the day to pass quickly so we can enjoy the evenings together. But working in New Port Richey Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday means I am gone from 7am to 6:30 or 7pm. I hate it.

Let’s focus on the bright side by recapping this weekend!

No we did not build sandcastles but restaurants downtown did. So cool!

After picking up Peter from the airport Friday afternoon, we hung out with his mom and had Publix subs for dinner. At about 9pm Peter crashed hard. Still wired, I stayed up for some quality reading time. I am reading Iran Awakening, a memoir by Shirin Ebadi, which is so far very good.

Saturday morning I started off the day with some muesli and milk. After my first bite I noticed some dark pieces floating on the surface. Looking closer I realized they were dead bugs!!! Horrified, I spit out my mouthful and began to yell hysterically while running to rinse out my mouth. So. Freaking. Gross. Peter thought I was having a psychotic episode (which I was) then commented that at least it was added protein. Thanks baby.

Common Pantry Bugs
They looked like this. Supposedly a common pantry bug. Awesome.

Despite the fact that I consumed dead insects, we had quite the laugh. Next item on the list? Scorpions on a stick. Looking forward to it.

Scarred for life, I headed to the gym, knowing a good session would remove any taste of bugs in my mouth for good. Bleh.

Daily Workout

I completed Fitnessista’s Summer Shape-Up Workout 1 again and definitely struggled. Without my morning coffee, my energy levels were super low and I considered taking a nap on the mats. Instead I finished the workout slowly but managed to get nice and sweaty. I also supplemented with some deadlifts using a barbell! It was fun! I got up to 100 pounds. LOVE DEADLIFTS.

Yes I felt better.

After a lunch with Peter’s mom, we went kayaking! Peter and I love kayaking together and try to go every time he is home. This time the weather cooperated a bit more than that time we kayaked backwards. We paddled around for about 2 hours, stopping to swim at a sandbar by the Vinoy golf course. It was glorious.

After kayaking, we were beat! However, my Mom and sister wanted to see Prometheus so we quickly shoved food in our mouths and went straight to the theatre. WOW what a crazy movie. That scene where she cuts the alien baby out of her stomach then proceeds to hike to a spaceship and fight a gigantic man who tries to kill her and is then killed by her alien child… WTF. Who thinks of this stuff?? Some of the questions the movie brings up are interesting but everything was too gross for my liking.

Back home, Peter and I proceeded to watch Saving Private Ryan which did not help quiet my dreams that night. But it was a fantastic movie. I cried. Then I dreamed of gigantic men trying to kill me.

A great way to end a Saturday.

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