Day 168: Boats, Dads, and Cookies

Happy Father’s Day!

Yeah I’m a tad late. But we did celebrate on Sunday with my dad. Peter’s dad was out of town so he celebrated with my family instead.

My dad loves boating so we treated him to lunch at Fish Tails then hung out at sandbar!

Here’s Peter and I waiting to be picked up by the boat.

While we waited, Peter tried my iced coffee with vanilla syrup and actually liked it! Score! He hates coffee but loves sugar so he was a fan. So was I!

Finally, my family (except Morgan) picked us up and we headed over the windy bay to Fish Tails. Initially the plan was to go to St. Pete Beach but the water was too rough from the wind.

At the restaurant, the food was just OK,  the service was terrible, but the company was fantastic. That’s all that matters right?

After lunch, we dropped off my mom at the house and proceeded to the sandbar. The crowds were out in full-force and we dropped anchor among dozens of other boats. The sun was just hot enough and the water just cool enough to be enjoyable. We ended up chilling for a couple of hours and got nice and pruney.

Here’s Peter being a cheese ball. I swear he can smile like a normal person.

We got back home at about 5pm and promptly crashed hard from all the sun exposure. Being in the sun all day is exhausting! My mom prepared a fantastic meal of white fish with a mango salsa, angel hair pasta with butter and shrimp, and a beautiful salad. Dinner was a hit! Everybody was raving and “mhming” between every bite. My mom is such an amazing cook! I want to be like her when I grow up ;-).

Peter had been talking about cake for several days so we decided to whip up some chocolate chip cookies from scratch. We found an easy recipe online and made some cookies with butter, sugar, white flour, and M+Ms. So bad, but so so good.

Of course we devoured the batter and it took every ounce of willpower we had to leave some for the actual baking. The cookies turned out like this:

Flat as pancakes! And totally gooey. And totally delicious. We pulled away at the massive pancake with our hands, burning our tongues on the hot dough. Then we both felt sick and incredibly full! Bleh. Too much of a good thing is definitely not a good thing.

Peter’s college roommate came over and we fed him a plateful of cookies. He biked 60 miles that morning! Insanity. I might take up endurance sports just so I can eat more. Thoughts? Then we played Mario Kart. And I sucked.

I blame it on the cookies.

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