Day 174: The Calm Before the Storm

Saturday was sadly Peter’s last day in town. This trip was much shorter than usual and we were both feeling it. Fortunately we had a lot of fun last weekend on the ocean and felt like we had done a lot together.

After sleeping for a glorious 9-10 hours (yikes!) we had lunch at Museum of Fine Arts with Peter’s dad and stepmom.

The museum has a great cafe with great entrees. I had a delicious rosemary turkey panini smeared with jam. Oh lordy it was amazing. I also found my dream bike sitting outside in the rain. It’s teal! Sigh…

Peter and his mom left for another round of shopping so I did what I always do with extra time… went to the gym! Duh. I did Fitnessista’s Summer Shape-Up Workout 2 again with 30 minutes of intervals on the stair master. I’ve loved the summer shape-up workouts so far. They are some great compound moves done circuit style. It’s been great changing up my routine by combining cardio with strength training. Love!

Post workout I enjoyed an oatmeal yogurt bowl with salted cherries on the side! Lately I have been increasing my salt intake and find that it satisfies my cravings in a major way. I reason that since I live in a hot and humid environment, I need salt to counteract all that sweating. So far so good!

I picked up Peter and we headed to Publix for some dinner subs and Velveeta mac+cheese for a friend in China. How disgusting!!! Processed cheese at its finest. Gross…

We ate our subs with Peter’s mom while watching The Princess Bride. Best movie ever.

Peter finished packing then we went straight to bed. We had an early wake up call! Gotta love those early flights. Not 😦

Stay tuned for Sunday’s drama. It is worth it, I promise.

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