Day 173: The Beginning of a Bizarre Weekend

Yesterday was absolutely insane.

I can’t even understand what happened. If you follow me on twitter @kcaptures you know what’s going on.

Before getting in to it, let’s go all the way back to Friday.

Here’s a picture of Mingus the cat. Looking very perplexed.

Friday I worked from home, anxious to spend time with Peter during his final days in America. Thankfully he came over for lunch and we observed the extremely high tide lapping at the seawall. This boded poorly for the weekend weather to come.

While I finished up work in the afternoon, Peter went shopping with his mom for his friends in Shanghai. Unfortunately he spent most of his free time running around Tampa Bay shopping for IPads, baby toys, make-up, and other odds and ends. Next time we are asking his friends to order the items online and ship them to his house. DUH.

I was able to fit in a 45 minute Hatha Flow yoga session which felt marvelous and around 5:30 we decided to see a movie. At 6:30. Peter came over and we devoured a random dinner or turkey meat, hummus, peanut butter, and blue berries. Blech.

We saw The Avengers! It was pretty awesome and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it!

By the time we left the movie it was raining cats and dogs. Tropical Storm Debby had finally made an appearance. After dropping off my mom at home, we met up with our friend Pete at the Ale and the Witch. Somehow we ended up in RollBoto for saki bombs while talking politics. It was bizarre.

But that was just the beginning of a bizarre weekend.

Stay tuned!

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