Day 183: Vacation is Over

It’s been an amazing week. Carina and I had a blast, getting sunburnt, swimming in the ocean, watching male strippers, and eating ice cream. It’s a good life.

And now I need to recap the entire week! It was wonderful stepping away from the blog and just enjoying time with my best friend and my family.

First let’s go back to Sunday and Monday! Yikes.


Sunday morning I worked a bit in the morning, before heading to yoga class at 2pm. It was another great class by my mom’s friend and left my shoulders crazy sore! Ouch.

After yoga, my highschool diving friend called and invited me to watch the Wold Cup finals at a friend’s house. Italy lost. Badly. After the game, Marni and I caught up over froyo. Froyo + friends is a great combination.


Monday was back to work at home which makes Mondays so much more enjoyable.

Yes I wear my pajamas all day. Yes it is awesome. After work I jumped rope for about 20 minutes to get my blood flowing before another intense massage! It hurt so good.

Then I trained my client at 8pm. We are switching to Monday nights instead of Sunday.

That means Bachelorette will be waiting for me Tuesday on Hulu. Don’t give anything away!

(Ok I think I’m now rooting for Jef with one f now. He seems playful but mature which is a great combination. But maybe he could cut that top flop hair. Please!) 

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