Day 184: Cool Breeze, Cool Friends

(So sleepy today! Mondays after vacation are the worst)


After another long day of work, Carina drove over from Orlando. Her college friend, Devlin, also in town for the evening, stopped by as well. They both ended up joining me and my parents for dinner! My mom grilled some incredible chicken that had us all in rapture.

We then headed downtown to hang out and explore St. Pete.

First stop? Froyo. Duh.

Second stop? A walk to the beach by the Pier.

St. Petersburg Pier

There were lots of people walking about as the moon slowly rose in the sky. Plus there was actually a cool breeze! It is funny how the rest of the United States is being hit by a heat wave while Florida remains pleasant.

I’ll take it.

We sauntered around a bit more and explored the Vinoy before Devlin had to leave. It was a lovely night with friends!

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