Day 186: Hometown Exposure in Magic Mike

Did anyone watch the Bachelorette last night?? I have to say, I was not surprised to see Sean go home. Emily kept calling him “perfect” which basically means “boring”. Sorry kid. What’s the point of literally chasing down a girl if you can’t keep her interested for more than 5 minutes?

Team Jef.


After Fourth of July shenanigans, we were absolutely exhausted. Like sleep for 10 hours exhausted. Then I had to actually do some work. Boooo. Carina thankfully kept herself entertained while I worked through 5pm. Yikes. Such a good friend!

When I was done, we quickly biked down to the pool to catch some rays.

It is summer after all.

Despite some ominous clouds and distant thunder, the sky cleared up nicely by 6pm which is really the best time to be outside. The sun is still out but it is not insanely hot.

Then it was time to make some Magic.

Magic Mike that is.


Somehow I ended up inviting my mom to join us which resulted in a funny and slightly awkward experience. Especially when we had to sit in the front row due to a packed theatre. Honestly it was not too terrible scoring front row tickets to this show ;-). And yes, everything was larger than life.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and often found my mouth wide open in shock most of the time. They certainly hold nothing back! Matt Bomer was kind of a dud but Channing Tatum was On. Point. That boy can dance.

However, the best part was recognizing all the locations in St. Pete, Tierra Verde, and Tampa! Ybor was pretty obvious but the stripper bar exterior was actually filmed at Wilson’s Sports Lounge on 4th Street. Then there is the sandbar scene with the Skyway Bridge in the background and other scenes driving down Tierra Verde which Carina and I just did on the way to the beach. Pretty cool.

Channing Tatum graduated from Tampa Catholic and stripped at Club Joy on Dale Mabry. Is this place still in existence? Who knows. Although my mom said she does remember going to a male revue about maybe 20 years ago in Tampa. Um. Wow. Anyway…

I’m just glad my hometown is getting some…. exposure. 

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