Day 192: Take a Stand for Your Health

Wednesday at work I had a revelation.

I was sitting on my butt, per usual, noticing the pain in my hip flexors and upper back. So I started calculating the number of hours I sit each day.

Okay so my day usually lasts from 8am-11pm… wake up and sit down to eat breakfast… sit during 1 hour commute… sit at office… stand for half an hour at lunch… sit during 1 hour commute home… workout for an hour… sit during dinner… sit and mess around on computer… SIT SIT SIT.

Hours sitting: 11

Hours standing/moving: 4


I’m surprised I’m not dead yet. According to this infographic, sitting for 6+ hours a day makes you 40% likelier to die within 15 years even if you exercise. Crap. For all my love of fitness and health, I am certainly doing a poor job of walking the walk. Since I am usually not walking at all.

So I am taking a stand. 

At work I found a box and put my laptop on top. Voila! A standing desk! I certainly got plenty of stares and plenty of questions from my coworkers. But as I stood working, my hip flexors stopped hurting, my feet started aching, and I was tired! The small exertion of standing was already exhausting my body! Maybe I am not as fit as I think beyond the hour I actually exercise.

It was eye-opening. And exciting! Now I pledge to stand during my workday. I will not become a statistic. And I urge you to do the same. Even if you exercise regularly, there are still many more hours in your day. Take advantage of those hours and take a stand!

Daily Workout

After standing all day I was pretty wiped. Crazy! So I did a quick 20 minute yoga session to stretch out my sore legs and was done. I had to get to my Fifty Shades! (Scandalous).

And I happened to have a tasty dessert.

Blueberries, coconut flakes, and chocolate chips. Next time I’ll melt the chocolate for some chocolate covered coconut and blubs.

Yes please!

4 thoughts on “Day 192: Take a Stand for Your Health

  1. Dave recently set his desk up at work to stand too. Even though he could raise his actual desk, it’s awesome you are using a box. 🙂 Now, when he needs a “break/rest”, he sits for a minute (or walks outside). He brought up a good point: when you need a rest from sitting, it’s not like you can lay down at work – without getting a lot more looks & questions – plus, like you brought up, it’s pretty bad for our hips & health in general. I usually stand at the bar when I’m on my laptop at home, & have realized a sitting/desk job is really not for me. I think you’ll notice a difference in a great way.

    1. Dave is so right! Taking a break by lying down is silly. It’s so great that you do not have a desk job and also stand while working on the computer. Honestly I don’t think desk jobs are for ANYONE but most people don’t see the alternative. But there is!!

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