Day 191: Summer Showers and Leg Blaster Circuit

It’s been raining like no other here in Florida. Since Sunday, afternoon thunderstorms have blown in and stayed till dark.

The good news?

Everything is green and blooming.

The bad news?

Driving home sucks.

But as long as I get some sun on my skin at lunch time, I don’t mind the torrential downpour. Watching lightning is also very fun. As long as it doesn’t cut off the electricity! We need air conditioning in this heat.

Daily Workout

Once I finally got home after driving through some scary weather on Tuesday, I felt exhausted. But I dragged my butt to the gym at 7pm, promising myself that I could leave after 20 minutes on the bike if I wanted. 20 minutes later, my body was warm and I had stopped yawning.

Time for some lifting!! I focused on my upper body with lat pull downs, arnold presses, tricep extensions, and cable rows then finished it off with lower-body plyo moves.

Leg Blaster Circuit: 

Front lunges- 10 each leg, alternating legs quickly 

Mountain Climbers- 50 total

Jumping Lunges- 5-10 each leg

Repeat x2

This gets your heart rate up and is perfect for finishing off your legs at the end of a workout. I loved it!

Stay tuned for my next post on my latest healthy living invention!

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