Day 196: Weekend Workout and Macrobiotics

Sorry for the ominous post yesterday. But do not worry, your patience will soon be rewarded! I need to tie up a few loose ends before revealing any news. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Now where did I leave off?

Oh yes. My weekend workouts!

Daily Workouts 

Saturday I slept in very late and kind of lounged around all day. The weather has been iffy for several weeks now and storms seem to blow in at a moments notice. As a result I stayed inside and didn’t venture out till almost 6pm for a full-body workout.

Check out these storm clouds:

At the gym I lifted pretty heavy and focused more on my lower-body. 80 pound dead-lifts rounded out my workout. They were killer!

Sunday was a day filled with learning, nutrition counseling practice, fitness, and an incredibly sore booty. Holy dead-lifts! Early afternoon I went to my favorite yoga class taught by my mom’s friend. She had us holding 2 lb. dumbbells which seems easy right?

Wrong! It was not easy! Holding those babies up for warrior 2 and other poses was shoulder torture. I loved it! Unfortunately my booty had no relief.

Macrobiotics: Eat Local, Eat Seasonal, Be One with Nature

After class I hunkered down outside in the brief sunshine and learned about Macrobiotics in this weeks IIN Module. Very interesting! I like the emphasis on whole grains, beans, vegetables, and Asian fare. Macrobiotics also focuses on eating locally and seasonally in order to stay in sync with nature.

This makes total sense to me. If it is warm outside (like Florida) you body craves cooling foods like raw foods, salad, and fruit. However, if you are constantly blasting the air conditioner while inside your body becomes confused. It is the same when it is winter. Your body craves warming foods like cooked food and animal meat. But if you are blasting the heat your body is like WTF!?!

I know I have experienced this seasonal disparity when in Maine for college. During the harsh winter I was still eating a lot of salads in order to be “healthy”. However, I was always freezing cold. No wonder! My body needed some hot soups, meats, and fat to keep me warm and also fend off sickness (the dreaded winter flu anyone?)

Some Macrobiotic Shanghai dumplings I picked up, made with whole wheat flour, cabbage, and lord knows what other tasty seasonings

While I think it is impossible (and insane) to turn off your air conditioner in the heat of summer, it is important to be mindful and eat in response to your natural environment. Get outside! Be part of nature! Our bodies know what to do, so listen.

It is also important to try and eat locally. If you live in Michigan but are eating lots of fruit from Brazil, your body is going to think you are in Brazil and get confused. A confused body can lead to imbalances and illness. Local foods are also fresher and contain many more nutrients than food from across the world. It is common sense.

So what now? 

I challenge you to explore your local farmers market or supermarket and pick some fruits or veggies from your state. My goal is to get some ripe Florida fruit like blueberries, mangoes (recipe coming up), and watermelon.

I also challenge you to step outside! Experience your climate. Sweat a little. I promise you will begin to crave cold salads and smoothies. My goal is to bring a salad to lunch every day. It’ s Florida summer baby!

Have you ever heard about Macrobiotics?

What do you think about its local and seasonal philosophy? 


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