Day 197: Weekday Beers > Working Out

Hello and welcome to the new and improved blog!

I was having some technical difficulties with formatting and decided to just get a new WordPress theme. This is called Fresh and Clean. 

I love it. I love the photo thumbnails. I love the header. I love the cursive title. I love everything about it. Plus it’s good to change things up!

And yesterday I did just that.

Instead of heading to the gym for my normal Monday evening strength session, I finally took my friends up on their offer and went to their soccer game!

I felt like such a soccer mom with my (loaner) Prius and lawn chair while cheering everybody on. I almost brought juice boxes and snacks for the kiddos… I mean young adults… but resisted.

Watching the game was fun and both teams did well. My friend scored a goal!! However he was playing against our other friend so I couldn’t get too excited haha. It was so nice to just go out and support my friends in their activities. It made me happy :-).

After the game I joined the teams at a pub downtown for some beers. Sitting and cheering is so exhausting that it deserves a nice cold one ;-).

While it was bizarre to go out on a Monday night, I really enjoyed hanging out with friends during the work week. I wish I was on a club team!

I have come such a long way in terms of going with the flow and not sticking to such a rigorous schedule. I am so much more flexible and try to make time for friends and socializing. I have realized that spending time with friends triumphs over a rigid workout schedule.

While exercise is good for the body, friends are good for the mind and heart.

My heart is happy 🙂

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