Day 206: Last Woman Standing


Yesterday was a surprise work day at home. I can’t say I complained.

I find I am much calmer, more focused, but also happier when working from home. Plus I wear my pajamas all day. Win.

In case you were wondering, my Take a Stand for Your Health commitment is going very well!! I am now standing 5-6 hours during the workday and am loving it! My body is responding is such positive ways. My hips, hip flexors especially, are less tight and I no longer suffer from the dreaded “hunchback” syndrome at my computer. Plus I know I am expending much more energy (aka calories!) during the day since I am actually physically tired after work. Before, I would be literally bouncing off my seat with crazy energy to burn and nowhere to burn it except the gym. Now I am using energy all day!

Again my goal is to incorporate more physical activity throughout my day beyond a 1.5 hour workout. Sitting kills! Standing rocks. Bonus points if you do a little dance at your desk ;-).

Daily Workout

Before hitting the gym I attended a fundraising event for Jeff Brandes who is running for Florida Senate. Check out this watermelon!! The chef is an artist!

Jeff is running for Florida State Senate and is such a great guy with an adorable little family. I chatted with his wife for awhile and found out that she is half-Chinese! Obviously we had a lot to talk about ;-).

After the event I went straight to the gym and busted out some intervals on the stationary bike and core work. Tina sure knows how to put together a great program. I am loving Bootcamp!

And if you were wondering…

Yes, my booty is still sore.

Good thing I won’t be sitting down.


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