Day 212: Spoiler Alert!

*Spoiler alert*

If you missed the women gymnastics competition last night read no further!

Instead you can focus on these beautiful flowers currently in our kitchen. This picture is unfiltered. These flowers must have been dyed because they are insanely bright. As bright as the neon workout wear illuminating our gyms these days.


But the women’s gymnastics team competition last night was incredible! Team USA wins the gold! The last time the USA women won gold was in 1996 when the Magnificent Seven dethroned Russia for the first time.

These young ladies blew me away with their tenacity, strength, poise, and spunk. They were solid on every single routine! It was absolutely mind-blowing.

I do think Kayla’s vault should have received a perfect score! There was nothing wrong with it. My jaw dropped just like one of the judges. So funny!

The final rotation on floor was the most inspiring. They knew they could cinch the gold and poured their heart into the routines. Seeing Jordan Wieber smile with each landing made me so happy! She certainly earned her medal.

Now I want to buy a trampoline and tumble all day and all night. I kind of miss gymnastics and the fierce dedication and commitment. Your body is capable of amazing things if you put you mind to it.

Daily Workout

Before I move to China and check out some Crossfit gyms there, I will be sticking to Best Body Bootcamp!

Week 2 just started and goodness, I am sore. Tuesdays workout was upper-body strengthening and tonight will be lower-body. Tina has us doing some sets to failure and it is tough! Try doing pushups to failure immediately before a chest press. Tough!!

Looking forward to getting my booty whooped.

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