Day 211: Two For Tuesday

Guess what I’m doing.

Just guess.

If you guessed watching the Olympics….

Ding ding ding!! You are correct! So excited for diving, gymnastics, and swimming! Let’s go USA!!

Since it is Tuesday and alliterations are fun, here are two times two things for you today (get it? TWOday? haha). Meh, twisted tongue.

Two Photos from Monday

Taking Holly home is always an adventure. For 40 minutes she cannot sit still . Super doggie!

My new kicks! I really really love these shoes. They are lightweight, sturdy, low to the ground, yet with enough cushion in the sole.

I really really like these shoes. They are Nike Free TR Fit 2 in white in case you are interested.

Two Things Making Me Happy Right Now

1. Hearing my grandma say how my personality has changed from serious to happy, upbeat, and lighthearted. This made me so much happier, upbeat, and lighthearted! Over this last year and a half I have learned to go with the flow and make people around me happy. To give happiness is to receive!

2. I leave for China in 44 days! Knowing this drives me to take advantage of my time left in Florida. As one life ends, a new life begins! Why not rejoice?


That’s it. Two for two.

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