Day 214: Weekend Ready and Happy Birthdays

Amazingly I figured out my life for the weekend.

This is really quite the accomplishment.

After running around all day yesterday, driving my family to the airport TWICE, bringing the dog in for a bath, attending yet another doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping and more, I can finally focus on the weekend.

It took a lot of preparation but I am driving to Orlando immediately after work and cannot be more excited (except for Friday traffic. that sucks).

Let’s do an update on my workouts the last two days.

Daily Workouts

On Wednesday I biked to the gym and encountered yet another stunning view in St. Petersburg.

Stop it Florida, you’re making me cry.

I decided to make Mondays a rest day and start Best Body Bootcamp a day late each week. This meant Wednesday was the same lower-body workout from last week, plus an extra set of fatigue at the end! Think never-ending wall sits till your legs collapse. It’s fun! (kinda)

Thursday I was back in spin class (finally) which counted as my interval cardio. I trained my client immediately after class and had another phenomenal session. Watching my client improve and get stronger makes me so happy. He is improving his tennis game too!! I am a little sad that we can no longer train together when I move to China. Maybe I will recommend another trainer.


I was unable to do the core part of my workout so that will wait till the weekend. That is if I have time between lounging in the sun and drinking wine with Carina. Because we are classy ladies.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL BABY SISTER MORGAN!! She turns 21 today. Holy crap. When did this happen??

and… HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY!!! Cannot wait to meet this hot mama next week!

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