Day 215: To Orlando With Love

Happy Monday!!

Hopefully everybody had a fantastic weekend and are ready to take on the week!

I had a great weekend in Orlando with one of my best friends despite my initial reservations about traveling for such a short amount of time. In the end, I was able to get my stuff together and just go with the flow. So far I have been successful at prioritizing friends and socializing during my last month in Florida. It is definitely rewarding and makes me happy.

After work Friday, I headed straight to Orlando from the office. The ride began well enough until I hit rush hour traffic AND a nasty thunderstorm on I-75.

It was not pretty. It tacked on an extra hour to my drive but I didn’t mind too much. Especially when I finally reached the outskirts of Orlando and began to drive through rolling hills and beautiful countryside.

It is easy to forget that Orlando was just farmland and cow pasture until Walt Disney came along. It was nice and refreshing to see the true environment of Central Florida still intact beyond sprawling suburbia. I almost pulled over to take some photos but at that point I just wanted to get there.

I arrived  in Windermere at 6:30pm and we promptly went to Carina’s parent’s house for dinner. Carina’s aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandma are in town which meant a weekend full of delicious homemade Cuban food and desserts.

It was awesome.

We capped off the night with a late night showing of To Rome With Love.

We loved the movie! It was typical Woody Allen randomness that was both funny and sweet. Carina studied abroad in Rome and said it was fun recognizing various locations in the film. I highly recommend it!

I’ll be back with more weekend pictures. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Day 215: To Orlando With Love

    1. Thanks! Driving in Florida summer storms are especially scary.

      So I almost contacted you about meeting up this weekend! However my trip was pretty short and we stayed out in Windermere for most of the time. I’ll be back out in 3 weeks though if you are interested in grabbing lunch or something!

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