Day 217: The Search Is Over

It’s done.

It’s over.


The search is over.

I found the best sandwich in the world.

Not even kidding.

At Yellow Dog Eats Cafe in Windermere, Florida.

They are genius I tell you.

Meet the Holy Crap Sandwich:


Honey mesquite turkey with avocado, bacon, goat cheese, red onions and basil mayo on toasted seed bread. 

I just died and went to heaven.

This definitely calls for a recreation in the kitchen.

Time to smell the bacon. 

Before this sandwich revelation, Carina and I had a low-key Sunday morning. She so graciously practiced a Health History with me and made me even more excited about my new career path. (To read more about my training, visit my Health Coaching page above).

After stuffing ourselves silly at the Yellow Dog Cafe, we lounged around with her parents until I had to drive home. By 5:30pm I was outta there.

The drive was uneventful until the Howard Franklin bridge where I could see several storms rolling in across Tampa Bay.

It was pretty spectacular to watch. Blankets of rain slowly drifted across the bay as thunderclouds expanded upward, bursts of light illuminating the sky intermittently. It was fantastic.

The downpour began just as I reached the gym at 7pm. What a speedy ride!

Daily Workout

Since Friday was an unplanned rest day due to travel, I completed the final full-body workout for the second week of Bootcamp. I am still just a day off schedule which is good.

What a great workout! Tina certainly knows her stuff. My muscles were shaking! I really enjoyed how her moves combine upper and lower body moves into a single, tough movement. Such a great idea.

Looking forward to Phase Two!

4 thoughts on “Day 217: The Search Is Over

  1. I have heard lots about Yellow Dog Eats, sadly I live away from the attractions whereas everyone I work with or worked with in the past lives in Windermere and Clermont. I must give Yellow Dog a try. The storms were CRAZY today!

    1. You really should go, it is definitely worth it! There were no crazy storms in Tampa Bay today so it must have been stuck over you in Orlando!

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