Day 341 and 342: O Christmas Trees

Friday, December 7th

I really can’t get over how beautiful it is here in Florida. I always forget when I am here for long periods of time. But whenever I come back, the beauty floors me. Even though it is not really cold here (at all), I am enjoying the warmth and blue skies.


This weekend I decided to visit Carina in Orlando for her last weekend off work till Christmas. But first I had to get a few things done on Friday. First up? A workout! Oh my, it was so nice to be back in the gym! I started with a 20 minute warm-up on the stationary bike then completed a few strength exercises.


Deadlifts- 5 sets of 5, 120lbs.

Lat Pull Downs- 3 sets of 8, 90lbs.

Tricep Cable Pull Downs- 3 sets of 8, 32 lbs.

Unfortunately my gym doesn’t have barbells so dumbbells had to suffice. Although I can deadlift 180lbs. (booyah), grabbing two 90 lb. dumbbells seemed ridiculous and hard. I don’t know why! So instead I used 60lb. dumbbells which felt good. Then I made up my own WOD on the spot and got to it!


10 Pull Ups (jumping)

20 Sit Ups

30 Air Squats


I completed this is 12.45 and it was a good workout for my first time in a gym in 3 weeks. I look forward to incorporating more Crossfit into my regular workout regimen!

After working out, my mom and I picked out our Christmas tree! As soon as it was up in our living room, we got to work decorating the tree. Our tradition is white lights and a random assortment of ornaments that represent my family history. Some are from my grandparents, others are from my parents first Christmas together, my first Christmas as a baby, etc. We also have ornaments from various trips and even our Christmas card pictures! My favorite ornaments are the Disney ones.


Now we just need my sisters to come home and put the angel on top!

With the tree decorated, I started the 2 hour drive to Orlando. I didn’t arrive till almost 9pm so Carina and I just hung out at her home and watched Reality Bites with Winona Ryder. Nothing beats weird 90’s movies on a Friday night.

Saturday, December 8th 

When we woke up it was warm and sunny so we decided to head to Winter Garden for the farmers market. It was a beautiful day! I indulged in lots of green juice, local honey, flax chips, and plentiful sunshine which I sorely missed in China.


After an hour or two we headed to Carina’s mom’s house for another Christmas tree decorating party! Two trees in two days. Whew. With some wine drinking and Christmas music playing in the background we created a beautiful tree. 


So classy. I love Christmas.

For dinner we went to my favorite restaurant in Windermere for the most amazing sandwich in the history of the world. Remember the Holy Crap Sandwich?? Yeah, it was just as awesome as I remembered.

Then it was time for the main event… Pitch Perfect! Whahooo!!! Thankfully it was still playing at Universal Theaters at City Walk next to the Universal theme parks. Omg, I loved this movie!! It was absolutely hilarious and the music rocked! I freakin’ love a cappella. I mean I was in an a cappella group called Bella(mafia) so this movie was right on point. I just downloaded the soundtrack. And am listening to it on repeat.


Go see this movie. You will laugh so hard. Even if you aren’t an aca-freak like me.

What a great weekend. I am officially in the Christmas spirit.

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