Day 225: The Enchanted Forest

Monday my sister Morgan flew into Greenville and had to be picked up. So my mom and I went on an adventure.

First stop.

The Enchanted Forest.

When we still owned our cabin in the area, we called this hike the Enchanted Forest. It is actually known as Glen Falls but if you have been here you know what we mean. The trail follows a stream through a dark and cool valley of dense shrubbery and low branches. It was actually a bit chilly but brisk walking warmed us up quickly.

The hike is relatively flat and very beautiful. Except when you get hit in the face with billions of spider webs. That part was not so fun but what else can you expect in an enchanted forest? Ok probably unicorns but I’ll take spider webs. And big green boulders.

It was great to relive our memories on this trail and get in some quality exercise before a long drive. We also made sure to practice what will soon be an Olympic sport I am sure. Balance rock. Like the balance beam but much more slippery, unstable, and potentially wet.

And don’t forget the casualties of the Enchanted Forest often include muddy shoes and scraped knees. Oh and slowly becoming wrapped in a spider web cocoon. You’d think the spiders are trying to catch unicorns.

I joke around but the hike was just wonderful. Afterwards we hopped in the car and started driving south. As the navigator, I had to pick and choose from 3 sets of directions that all said different things. It was totally fun. Getting to Greenville from Highlands is surprisingly complicated. Two and half hours of driving zigzag across the state, we finally made it to the airport.

This fine lady awaited us.

Back in the Nantahala National Forest we had to pull over for the view.

Good thing one of us is photogenic.

We also pulled over so I could do my business in the woods. I am such a pro now. It’s all in the squat. This is how it’s done.

At around 4:30pm we finally got back to the house. Morgan seemed antsy so I suggested a quick evening hike. Guess where we went?

Whiteside Mountain of course!

Obviously this is my favorite. It’s also a 5 minute drive from our cabin and offers spectacular views. We scaled that mountain in no time and enjoyed the sweating as the sun settled in the hills.

Morgan definitely enjoyed herself. She is like the Little Mermaid of the mountains.

All in all it was a fun day full of family, hikes, and sweat. No wonder I never wanted to leave.

Take me back!!

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