Day 224: Climb Every Mountain… Twice

Ford every stream

Follow every rainbow

Till you find your dream…

Oh Sound of Music. You speak to my soul. Remember that time I went to Salzburg and did the Sound of Music tour? Yeah that was pretty fantastic. Well I had another epic mountain adventure on Sunday. This time I was all by myself.

So what to do?

Climb Whiteside Mountain. Again. Here are the photos from my excursion to the top of the world:

It was much clearer out than Saturday with Lindsay but also warmer. It was fun to bring my big DSLR camera and take some quality pictures. However I would have loved the company of Lindsay and her awesome family again. But you take what you can get.

After successfully climbing the mountain, I snacked on some ice cream and chocolate like a sensible person and took a walk around the neighborhood. You know, acquaint myself with the country clubhouse, golf course, and hilly roads. It was nice to explore, burn off the sugar, and find bits of wilderness peaking through manicured lawns.

Some photos from the walk:

See. I’m already getting ready for China.


7 thoughts on “Day 224: Climb Every Mountain… Twice

    1. Just got back to Florida last night :-(. The family and I ended up hiking all week but I figured you would be busy for a last minute hike. Now I’m hitting myself in the forehead. Doh.

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