Day 230: St. Pete Nightlife

Despite being severely depressed about being back in Florida, Saturday was a lot of fun. I woke up late, caught up on my computer, then enjoyed a nice evening workout.

Daily Workout

So I took a week off Best Body Bootcamp. Yes there was a great gym available to me but honestly, I wanted to hike all day everyday and not worry about getting in a “workout”. Hiking is a great workout!

I highly recommend taking at least a week off of all forms of strength training. It gives your body a much needed break and you come back even stronger! My week of hiking made me leaner (burning more fat by moving more!) and I felt really strong and rested starting back up on Saturday.

Week 4 started off with the same Workout A from Week 3 but with a 2-4-2 tempo. This type of training emphasizes the isometric contraction of the lift which basically means the peak of muscle contraction. For example, during a bicep curl you take 2 counts to bring up the weight, hold the curl for 4 counts, then take 2 counts to lower the weight.

Again, it was tough!! Especially during the lunges. Whew! Holding each lunge for 4 counts really starts to hurt.

I like.

That evening I forced myself to be social and met up with my friends Pete and Adam. They were invited to some concert in a place called the Venture Compound. Sound creepy right?

Well it kinda was. We found the address and arrived in the warehouse district of St. Pete where there is literally nothing around. We made our way to the back and paid 5 bucks to enter a small fenced-in yard with people sitting in lounge chairs next to a graffiti wall.

Two doors opened to a small warehouse. Inside were people sitting on chairs to the left and an open space to the right with the most fantastic murals on the ceiling, wall, and floor. Musical instruments and speakers littered the floor and we assumed this must be the “stage”.

Eventually an electronic musician took the stage and played some interesting sounds as hipster bobbed around to the idiosyncrasies. It was entirely bizarre but kind of fun.

After standing and listening for a bit under a pair of styrofoam legs, we decided to escape outside. Yeah, this place is not really our scene. These people seemed way too cool and unusual for even us.

And that’s saying something.

We chilled outside for a bit, totally content with people watching as graffiti artists layered paint over the walls. We left early, before the Jamacian rapper! We were kind of bummed. At least Harold bought us some beer. I am not sure if we’ll return… Maybe if I get some spandex shorts and suspenders.

I then met up with Kim and Warren downtown for Kim’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Kim! It was nice to see them again even if some random guy did totally grab my ass while I was walking by. Ok I know it’s nice… but really?

And I saw Caroline! Need to see that girl again before I flee the country (call me).

So glad I can partake in the randomness of St. Pete nightlight before I leave. I will miss this?

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