Day 232: Win-Win

You guessed it.

Monday’s photo of the day.

Another Florida sunset.

Ok I leave for China in exactly 3 weeks and need to capture how beautiful this place is.

Because I know I’ll miss it.

Daily Workout

Monday was Workout B! The pull workout with a 2-4-2 tempo. This meant holding some deadlifts! Fun!! Not so fun waking up with a crazy sore lower back the next day.


After the workout I met up with my friends after the soccer game because it was Adam’s birthday! Honestly I would have preferred to go home and eat dinner but I sucked it up and was social. Everybody deserves to be surrounded by the people who care on their birthday. So I downed a protein shake and chatted with the boys at the bar till 10:30pm.


It was nice and I knew Adam appreciated me being there. Then I promised to bake him a cake A. because I like baking and B. because I like eating cake.

It’s a win-win.

So on Friday we will eat cake, watch the Big Lebowski, and be merry. Happy days!

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