Day 234: To Do Before China

Wednesday! I am not that far behind in posting!


Sorry for the irregularity. I feel pretty rushed these days just in terms of getting everything organized for China. It seems like I do not deserve to rest because there is always something I could be doing.


Usually I just end up creating a new list in a new place then promptly lose it. Haha!


I think it’s time for a master list.

To Do Before China:

1. Create and order business cards

2. Get traveler’s insurance

3. Look into PT insurance (will probably wait till December)

4. Buy at Costco: toothpaste, floss, shampoo, Vitamin D, Ibuprofen, deodorant, etc.

5. Visit my grandparents

6. Throw a party! Invite all my friends. Say goodbye.

7. Visit Carina in Orlando

8. Print out IIN client forms

9. Pack!!!

10. Breathe

There’s probably more to this list but my brain is elsewhere. Maybe I’ll continue to post it and cross stuff out! That always feels good.

Daily Workout

I hit the gym late Wednesday night and was shocked to find a packed weight room! Workout C called for some circuits so I set up the empty aerobics room to sweat in peace. I did this same workout in North Carolina and felt so much fitter this time! I know part of it is the altitude but hiking all week really improved my aerobic capacity!

Love it.

Love fitness!

Get ready for a barrage of posts in the next couple of days. Need to catch up!


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