Day 241: Toms and Kardashians

Hello beautiful!!

Yes I am talking to you!

And my new Toms.

They are so beautiful with little elephants inside. Adorable.

I actually need to exchange them for a bigger size. So I went to the mall today and bought a new pair then somehow wandered into H&M, Sephora, and the Apple Store…. How did that happen?

I was on a mission to buy an IPhone and Ipad keyboard for some of Peter’s friends in China. But how can I resist some pre-China shopping?? Aaaand I am going back this weekend too. Labor Day sales!!

Initially I wanted to go all minimalistic for my big move across the world, however I am finding that I don’t even have clothing necessities. Or sweaters. Or jewelry. Or shoes. Or makeup. Or underwear.

Maybe I will regret this shopping spree when my suitcases won’t close. Did I mention that I will start packing this weekend? Seriously. Or else I will lose my mind.

Daily Workout

Wednesday was my day off strength training so I did some fun but easy intervals on the bike while watching KUWTK!! I saw Rob cry. Peter actually went to USC with Rob Kardashian and they were in a couple of business classes together. According to Peter, Rob is a big tool and thinks he is very very smart. The reality (tv)? Not so much.

But it certainly takes a man to cry on national television. Can you imagine being the only brother in the Kardashian family?? No wonder he feels so out of the loop.

I am just excited to have another connection to a celebrity. I mean, I worked out next to Vanessa Hudgens. We’re basically BFFS.

See this packing ordeal is driving me insane!


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