Day 240: How To Hair and Moisturizer (Coconut Oil)

Since Monday was a rest day, I decided to forgo washing my hair that night. Oh the horror!

I would do this more often except exercising 5-6 days of the week and living in hot humid Florida = sweaty hair.

Sweaty hair=flat and greasy hair.

Not a fan.

So I grabbed my opportunity and left my head high and dry. Often, going unwashed still leaves hair a bit flat and greasy so an up-do is preferable.

Here is my favorite updo hairstyle, perfect for clean and dirty hair alike!

The Unwashed Hair Updo

How To: Pull hair back with a headband to keep greasy strands out of your face. I prefer thin headbands with a fine toothed comb for staying power. Then pull the rest of your hair in a low bun.

Keep it classy with pearl earrings and you’re good to go!

In addition to not washing my hair every day, I am trying something else all together crazy… Coconut Oil as a moisturizer!

Brittany wrote a great post on the Benefits of Coconut Oil that finally pushed me to buy a jar of the stuff. After eating and loving coconut butter for the last month I figured why not slather the stuff on my body and complete my transformation into a human coconut.

Both St. Pete and Shanghai have humid subtropical climates which is as close to tropical as you can get. Isn’t that crazy? I’m moving halfway across the world and end up in the exact same climate?? At least the winters are colder in Shanghai. But what I’m saying is that I am practically meant to eat and wear coconut.

After a week of using coconut oil on my face and body, I noticed that my skin is smoother and more supple with less oil and acne. My skin is fairly sensitive and tends to become irritated by drugstore soaps, shampoos, and moisturizers. Using this natural oil is already helping my skin heal.

Coconut Oil Moisturizer

How To (Skin): Rub a small amount on your face and neck before bed and also in the morning if you so choose. For the body, apply a thin layer while in the shower before rinsing. Or you can apply immediately after showering if you don’t mind coconut smelling sheets (I don’t ).

The pros of using coconut oil on my body is that it gives me enough of a coconut high that I eat less coconut butter. This is good because I can go crazy on that stuff!

How To (Hair): For a natural hair moisturizer, rub coconut oil into your scalp and hair, focusing on the ends. Wrap hair up in a bun and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Wash your hair, making sure to thoroughly shampoo your scalp. I made the mistake the first time of not using enough shampoo and was stuck with oily scalp and hair for the day. It was fine after the next wash.

I would do this maybe about once a month. Since deep conditioning a week ago, my hair is super soft and I cannot stop touching it. I also need very little to no conditioner after shampooing. Win!

Coconut Oil is by far the best $9 I have spent. Compared to the $9 I would normally spend on bottles of moisturizer and conditioner each, this is a bargain! Plus you are protecting yourself from nasty chemicals and god knows what else in these products.

Next up, testing coconut oil in the kitchen!

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