Day 245: Sun Day

More like too much sun day!

Thanks everybody for your support of my leopard print pants! My wonderful and caring friend Carina even called me up to question my decision making. I think she needs a pair of her own ;-).

So I don’t know why I didn’t post yesterday. Oh, because I was having a fabulous and fun filled day!

I spent the morning typing up the post on the famous leopard print pants then was able to talk to Peter on skype. He is in Malaysia! The internet connection was kind of shaky so his video was bathed in this weird pixelated red light. My mom walked by and asked if he was staying in the Red Light District. Funny mom.

He will be working there for a week then will move into our new apartment once he returns to Shanghai. So exciting! The apartment is extremely small but I am not too worried. At least there is air conditioning and a stove! Plus it is very clean, cost effective, and has a washer and dryer! Oh the little things… Expect a bazillion pictures once I move in. Or maybe just 3 pictures… the apartment is seriously SMALL. I mean… cozy!

After chatting with Peter, my sister Morgan and her boyfriend David arrived from Gainesville. We immediately headed out on the boat for some Labor Day fun!

We went out to Fort De Soto to swim and made a stop at the marina for gas.

So did the birds. Fishermen gutted their catch while their feathered entourage watched on. It was pretty hilarious and David was almost hit in the head by a swooping pelican. Those birds are freaky. Actually birds in general are freaky. They scare me.

After getting throughly sunburned, we made it back home for a delicious meal. My mom grilled the most amazing fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs with homemade blue cheese coleslaw and corn on the cob. Why did I ever consider becoming a vegetarian?? I am such a carnivore and I love it.

But seriously, I got BURNED. My face, chest, shoulders, and left leg (just the left why???) were bright red. Like a scary lobster woman. So of course I was thrilled when my family suggested a trip to the movie theatre to watch Lawless. But it’s ok, I wore my purple pants which somehow seemed to dilute my red skin.

Lawless was good but brutal. The story was great but there was a lot of violence and gore. Shia LaBeouf was also surprisingly good. He has become a really good actor! However I don’t think I can ever take him seriously. He will always be Louis in my eyes.

Hahaha. Oh Even Stevens…


2 thoughts on “Day 245: Sun Day

    1. So true! Americans like everything supersized! It will definitely be an adjustment. Almost like living in a college dorm room! My clothes will probably take up the most space… whoops.

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