Day 244: Strong Is the New Skinny and Leopard Print Pants

You’ve probably noticed an uptick in the number of exclamation points in my posts these days. It’s only because I am insanely happy and excited! Even my mom noticed it. She said, “We’ve shopped all day and you’ve been happy the entire time. Well this is different.”

Hah! It’s the little things.

Speaking of our Friday shopping trip…

It was a great success! On my list of necessities to buy were dressy shirts, casual boots, going out boots, underwear, and pants! Pants and I have a strange relationship. If they do not fit perfectly, they are never worn… ever! They have to be just tight enough but loose enough to be comfortable.

Also, my body has changed a lot this past year and a half. When I left Cape Cod I realized that I had lost a lot of weight but had very little muscle (not good). Since then I have been working out hard, eating more, and gaining a lot of muscle. At first this freaked me out because the number on the scale was going up and my muscular legs no longer fit into my skinny jeans. It has taken some time, personal growth, and mental toughness to finally accept my body and love my curves. Strong is beautiful and I’d rather look “strong” or “muscular” than “skinny”.

Honestly, I HATE the word “skinny”. When I hear it being used as a compliment, I cringe. Let us strive for health and strength and not a certain size! In reality, I prefer my big muscular thighs and butt! They help me jump, leap, and climb mountains.

Now that I embrace my curves, I feel comfortable enough to jump on the colored pants train. Instead of owning just one pair of black pants, I own 4 pairs of colored jeans!

In North Carolina I bought pants in dark blue pair and royal blue. For our mall trip I tried really hard to be fashionable by wearing those royal blue pants, a striped H&M shirt, and statement Stella&Dot necklace.

What do you think?

And then this happened:

Yeah. Those are in my closet now. Leopard print pants! Holy crap. I am being bold here.

In addition to these crazy pants, I got another pair of pants in purple plus a couple bright dressy shirts. I am going to stick out like a sore but bright thumb in Shanghai. A tall blond woman in printed pants??!??

Yes. That’ll be me. Say hi. Or nihao.

By 8pm we had successfully snagged everything on my shopping list. And I was happy the entire time despite not eating a single snack since 3pm. It was a miracle people. A shopping miracle.

Now please excuse me while I strut my stuff in my leopard pants. I need to practice not falling over in my heels!

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