Day 250: Heaven let your light shine down

Hello and happy Monday! I hope everybody had a restful weekend and are ready to tackle a new week. I know I am!

This weekend was my last weekend in the United States (for now) so I wanted to make it memorable, calm, and relaxing. Carina drove down from Orlando to hang out which was such a blessing. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the weekend with anybody else. I’ll miss her so much but know that distance does not matter. However, Skype does!

Once she arrived Friday afternoon we spent some time lounging in the backyard, soaking up that magnificent Florida sun and humidity.

Then it was time to rock out! We accompanied my parents to a special concert event at Mahaffey Theater. This was the same event when I saw The Killers perform. First there was a social hour with appetizers, drinks, and entertainment. This amazing 11 year old boy killed it on guitar while playing the blues. He’s going to be on America’s Got Talent!

Next the Men of Brass stole the show! Dressed in tuxedos, fedoras, and white gloves, these guys came in marching band style and started dancing while playing their hearts out in front of a suave conductor.

They were amazing!!! I love marching bands so much and these guys could really move! Even the tuba player was getting down. It was fantastic. I took a short video… check these guys out!

After a few songs they marched out the room and led everybody out to the stage. Honestly I would have preferred watching these guys perform all night. But it was time for Collective Soul!

Remember this band from the 90’s? Kind of an alternative, grunge band? Their biggest hits are “Shine” (oooooh, heaven let your light shine down…) and “December”. Both of which are great songs! The lead singer was a little bizarre (he had some crazy dance moves with his microphone) but he had fun with it once he accepted that this was more of a party than a concert.

Although Carina and I felt a little too young to really enjoy the band with an audience of people my parent’s age, we had fun. Obviously we are rock stars.

I especially enjoyed the after-party which featured a dance floor and DJ with dreads down to his knees. I can never resist a good dance party and had a blast dancing to all my favorite songs. Literally, Carina and my parents had to drag me out of there at midnight. I love to dance!

I also love group pictures with peace signs. This is in honor of China! Except for Mrs. M on the far right. I think she missed the memo. Inappropriate!! Haha.

Overall it was a fun and interesting night that left my feet sore and my dancing shoes happy. It’s always great to hang out with my parents in an adult setting. My parents are really a lot of fun!

Now I just need to convince them to visit me in China 🙂

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