Day 249: People, Spinning, and Photography

So last night I kind of exploded all over the Twitter-sphere. I promised I wouldn’t get all political but there I go, retweeting like there’s no tomorrow. I stayed up till 1am reading over tweets from the DNC convention and got all riled up. Ugh. It won’t happen again!!

(But if you want to watch a hilarious video from The Daily Show click here. Can’t even handle it hahaha)

But enough about politics!

Let get to a better topic. How about people, spinning, and photography!

Yesterday I finally scheduled lunch with my mom and Peter’s mom (both named Linda :-)). We’ve been meaning to do this for probably a year haha. It’s interesting how having less time makes you do more! The Lindas and I had a lovely and long lunch and I hope they will continue to get together after I leave.

Also Peter’s dad and I had lunch today. Just doing the rounds! Sometimes I feel like Peter’s St. Pete representative. But who will take my place now??

Daily Workout

Last night was spin class! I will really miss my instructors here in Florida. I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I started spinning. I was always too afraid to try! Now it’s one of my favorite cardio workouts. There was a point when I was definitely doing too much spin back when I did it twice a week. It really hurt my knees. Now I try to go once every two weeks or so which is perfect.

Remember, sometimes too much of a good thing is not very good for you at all :-).

After class I took Holly for a walk. Thankfully the storms that plagued us all day dissipated for a bit. It also set the stage for a crazy sunset!

After big thunderstorms, the sky is full of towering clouds that light up in fantastic ways when the sun sets. Unfortunately I missed the best part but was able to capture some pretty cool shots.

Sometimes I wonder if I am actually a good photographer or if I am just surrounded by beauty and can’t help myself ;-). What do you think? How much does good photography belong to the skill or eye of the photographer or to the beauty of their subject?

Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Ok Carina is about to arrive and hopefully I will recap today ASAP. We have a big weekend ahead of us (last weekend in town ah!) so I might get a tad behind. Happy Friday everybody! Have fun and realize how blessed you are to live in the United States of America (except for my international readers obviously. Holla!).

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