Day 252: Blurbs and Mannequins

It’s official.

I’m freaking out.

It’s real now.

I’m moving to China.

My last day will be filled with tears of sadness and anxiety.

No doubt about that.

But it will also be full of excitement and appreciation for what I am leaving behind.

Since my brain is unable to focus on much of anything here is Sunday’s photo of the day:

Some lovely mannequins from Forever 21’s closing sale. So sad. Hopefully these mannequins can find some clothes soon. They look cold.

There’s nothing to report about Sunday because I did absolutely nothing. Except watch a bazillion movies and TV shows while eating bland foods for my upset stomach. I swear I will never drink again.

We’ve heard that one before right?

Ok time to focus again on my dwindling brain capacity.

Or maybe I should pack?

But that’d be too practical.

I’ll go watch some ghost stories on television instead.

So productive.


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