Day 253: Bib Necklace and Packing Woes

So Monday was my real last day of work. It was a little less exciting and celebratory but good all the same. Some of my coworkers joined us at Chilis for some drinks and appetizers after work which was so kind of them. I went crazy with a mango margarita and sweet potato fries. Live large right?

I made sure to put together a nice outfit for my last day of work in the States. Check out my new necklace from H&M:

You gotta love how a nice bold necklace dresses up any outfit, even a t-shirt and jeans. Just what I need!

I look forward to getting more necklaces like this in China. Because really wearing this necklace everyday might get a little ridiculous. Shanghai has H&M right?

Let us hope.

Um so packing is getting more and more daunting as my stuff keep piling up and my suitcases get smaller and smaller.

I need to remind myself to downsize. Less is more.

But really, I need to bring 6 tank tops. They are different colors… I need them… And I need 20 pairs of shoes right?? They don’t sell my size in China. Over there I am a giantess. Maybe they’ll sell my size in novelty stores.

Ugh. It’s going to be a long night.

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