Day 255: Shanghai Bound… Again

So I almost titled this post “Shanghai Bound”. Then I searched my archives just in case. And what do you know. Exactly 100 days ago I was Shanghai Bound for my second trip to China.


But this time I am staying for good.


What keeps me calm is the fact that I have a return ticket home for the holidays.


This was the state of my room Wednesday morning:


Packing is the worst. Confine my life belongings to a few bags? No thanks.

But it is certainly a reality check. Although I might not have much to take across the world, my number one possession is my relationship with Peter. And that spans oceans.

After a nice bike ride in the sunshine and a kick butt workout, I buckled down and packed my little heart away. Unfortunately packing is more of a marathon than a sprint for this girl. First I lay out everything I want to take. Then I take stuff away. Then I put some back. Then take more away. And then put new things in the pile. Then I try stuffing all the little mini soaps into plastic bags while wondering how I can own so many electronic devices.

It’s entertaining.

And extremely frustrating!

But after 2 days of solid packing my life possessions look like this:

I have another large suitcase but it was downstairs at the time.

And that’s it.

I’m moving to Shanghai.

Say a prayer and wish me luck.

Bon voyage!

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