Day 254: Back to Bangs

The time has come my friends.

My bags are packed. My clothes are laid out. My arms tingle in anticipation of lugging around 150 pounds of luggage.

Good thing I like to lift heavy.

But I’m always getting ahead of myself.

Let’s get back to Tuesday! My second to last day in town.

Somehow I managed to block a day full of appointments. Which is fine but left me little time to rest and pack. On the agenda was a haircut! I definitely do not trust Chinese people to cut my thick, wavy, and textured hair so I made sure to get it done now.

So the bangs are back. We’ll see how long I can stand having them poke me in the eye.

But they sure look good! I just need to make sure and buy a hairdryer over in China. Actually there are many things I need to buy in China. First I need to get there!!

Stay tuned for a morning post.

I have a 5:30am wake-up call so it will hopefully be scheduled and ready to go!

(By the way I almost just left both of my credit cards in the copier. At least I’m smart enough to make copies) 

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