Day 257: Room with a View


Hello friends! And good night to you (and good morning for me!)

It is super smoggy in Shanghai today which makes me nervous to go outside and walk to lunch. However I just made myself a green smoothie so hopefully it will protect me somewhat from the gross weather.

They never said city living was clean.

Though when I arrived in Shanghai last Friday it was absolutely beautiful outside. The sky was fairly clear and you could see the sun! My flight arrived at 2:30pm and Peter met me at the airport where we took the metro to our apartment. After that long and sweaty ride I was so exhausted but excited to see the view from our place!

It’s nothing crazy but we at least get to look at some trees and a cool building across the street.

Plus we get to see the sun set every night. Just like my room in Florida!

I bustled around for a few hours, unpacking and such then took a shower. Well as soon as I laid down, jet lag hit me like a ton of bricks. At 7:30pm I “took a nap” and crashed for three hours. Peter went out to buy some water and run some errands and I barely remember him leaving at all.

Then we went to bed for real and I slept hard for another 9 hours. Those 12 hours of sleep were so necessary. Sleeping on airplanes is a joke.

But I would need all the sleep I could get for the jam-packed weekend to come!

Whew. Stay posted :-).

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