Day 265: Karaoke Superstar

I found my voice.

The voice of a Karaoke Superstar. 

At least in my mind I am a karaoke superstar. That’s all that matters right?

What brought on this realization? A KTV birthday party Saturday night and lots of liquid courage.

Now I’ve sang in public before. But usually I end up trying REALLY HARD. Yes there have been a few times where I’ve let go of all inhibitions and let it rip on stage (like this performance), but usually there is a measure of control in place. I mean, what if I mess up?? So embarrassing.

Not so with karaoke.

The music is ridiculously loud, everybody is drunk, and NOBODY CARES IF YOU SUCK. It’s so invigorating.

Now in the beginning I was definitely trying pretty hard. Then the liquid courage started kicking in. Eventually I didn’t care! I grabbed the mike and would not let it go. I sang every song loud and proud.

Like this:

Now that’s enthusiasm (Peter is amused).

Maybe I sucked. Maybe I was great. However I was most definitely a karaoke superstar in my mind and in my heart (and lungs).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and own it. Live with intention!

Want to be a great writer but are worried that you are just not good enough? Try this: Believe that you are already the great writer you imagined yourself to be. Every day say to yourself, I am a great writer. I am talented. I am enough. 

And you know what? You will start to work harder. You will start to write more, write better, and write with more purpose and intent. Because of this, you will become a great writer.

Believing in yourself and your abilities will not make you great. However, believing in yourself allows you to be great. It opens you up to working towards possibilities instead of pondering the outcome.

While singing karaoke I stopped wondering if I was good enough and began to know that I was great. By the end of the night I was acting like a rockstar because I knew I was one.

And that made all the difference.

Just to make things clear, I am not by any means suggesting that alcohol is the mode to try new things and achieve yours dreams! While it certainly helps release your inhibitions, there are other ways!! It is all mental and living with intention is a great way to start.

If anything, drink more water 😉

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