Day 266: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Oh Mr. Rogers, I wish Shanghai was more like your neighborhood! 

Hello and happy Thursday!

This week has flown by way too fast which is bad because I have so much work to do! We leave for the cruise Sunday and will be gone the entire week. This means I need to get everything done for the next two weeks before Sunday. And it just so happens that I have several project to complete by then!

Just breathe. And listen to the Nutcracker music playing in Starbucks. Merry Christmas?

Although I am really busy there is always time to blog! Here are some photos from Sunday:

We took it easy and met R and J for another game of badminton. It was a gorgeous day outside so we made sure to hang out in a nearby park after batting around the birdie for an hour. Apparently my badminton swing sucks and I overpronate my wrist. As a result my wrist was killing me but I finally learned how to swing properly. I will have to practice.

Another stunning sunset from above.

After badminton we were starving so we treated ourselves to a big dinner at a restaurant by our apartment. We got a little crazy and ordered 7 different Chinese dishes ranging from chicken to eggplant and more chicken. My favorite dish was chopped bok choy covered in an amazing peanut sauce. It hit the spot.

Back home I treated myself to another moon cake. Again, the red bean cakes are delicious.

It was a nice day though I wish we took more advantage of the beautiful weather. I have heard horror stories about the winter here in Shanghai and want to appreciate the warmth while I can.

We were lucky enough to explore our neighborhood on Saturday but the weather was not as nice. We found some cute little coffee shops and restaurants nearby as well as a Walmart which is good to know. I need to go back to explore and take some pictures!

Ok, back to work!

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