Day 268: Shanghai Glow

It happened.


I saw the “glow” here in China.

What is the “glow” you ask? It is moment of beauty, grace, and in-between. It is that time of the day when the sun slips below the horizon and the sky explodes in color, luminescence, and warmth in your heart and eyes.


Let me share the most beautiful evening I’ve experienced so far in China.

Tuesday evening I had to walk back to Peter’s work to meet up for dinner. It was about 5:30pm and the sun was setting down my path, lighting the way. Then suddenly all the elements came together in a moment of perfection.

Creating this:

A Shanghai glow that almost rivals those Florida sunsets when sun and sky meets the sea. This time the sky met a sea of glass windows in a concrete jungle. And it was just as spectacular .

The light was so warm and bright that even the concrete blocks of Chinese buildings looked beautiful.

And that is quite a feat.

You know what else made the day perfect?

An afternoon at Starbucks.

Hello mermaid friend. It’s nice to see you.

There was plenty of time for cold caffeine and people watching. Oh and some hard work thrown into the mix too.

But cold caffeine and the warm sun streaming through the window stole the show.


The perfect glowing day ended with a Mexican feast and a movie. Three Men and Baby left us in an 80’s revelry of babies and big hair. What more could you ask for?

I am so happy to have finally experienced the “glow” in Shanghai.

Now this place finally feels like home.


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