Day 267: The Rice Cooker Secret

Let me introduce you to the bane of my existence.

The rice cooker.

I’ve heard great things.

It’s so easy! You can cook anything! Rice, beans, vegetables, meat, people!

Like a lot of things.

Except this baby is in Chinese. And has only two settings. It’s so simple that it’s complicated.

I find myself staring at it in exasperation, willing common sense to smack me in the face and make me a savvy rice cooker chef.

But for now I will stumble along blindly, researching endless recipes online, and hoping that somebody will tell me HOW MUCH LIQUID TO RICE RATIO.

That’s all I ask.

Yes I know that I can add coconut milk, spices, vegetables, and liquid gold but HOW MUCH LIQUID TO RICE RATIO.

And what is that little shelf insert for? After attempting to cook black beans in the elevated tray for almost an entire day I realize that it was probably the wrong method. The beans should probably be cooked with the water in the full container.


If you know the answer to this secret question please let me know.

Help me become the savvy rice cooker chef I am meant to be.

Till then I’ll be making endless green smoothies in my blender. At least there is one method of cooking I can get right!

4 thoughts on “Day 267: The Rice Cooker Secret

  1. Simple rules:

    White (polished) rice = 1 cup rice, 1 cup water
    Brown or long or wild rice = 1 cup rice, 2 cups water

    1. THANK YOU. Final question, can I just use regular measuring cups? They say that the rice cooker has its own measurement and cups (wtf).

      Btw, you rock. Keep up the awesome tweets.

    1. Thank you! Tonight I successfully made brown rice with one cup rice and two cups water and they were still little dry. So maybe more liquid? Next up, coconut milk!

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