Day 285: Dealing with the Absurd

Since I am so far behind on the Photo of the Day I might start posting one catch up photos with the current one each day. Hopefully it won’t get too confusing. Yikes. Bear with me!

Friday, October 12th 

Sometimes China makes me crazy.

Whether it’s some guy stubbornly blocking my way on the subway or a motorbike careening down the wrong lane, there is always something that pushes my buttons. However, some days I just have to laugh at loud at some of the ridiculous occurrences in this country. For instance, people stealing scrap metal from construction sites.

And people not just stealing metal but people noisily pulling steel wires out of the concrete ground while chattering away in friendly screams. Best of all, their motorbikes are stacked high with junk that threatens to teeter off the edge. Is this legal? Maybe. Maybe not. However, it is very normal. Nobody even bats an eye. Heck they might just join in.

It is moments like these that are just so absurd and yet so commonplace that I start to laugh. I actually start chuckling to myself as I walk down the street, shaking my head with a silly grin on my face.

So I guess I’m still crazy.

But at least I’m in a better mood.

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