Day 287: These Toms were made for walking

Sunday, October 14th

Dear Toms, you have carried me across this city to places now explored. From the Yuyuan Commodity Markets, to daily walks down Yishan Lu, to coffee dates at Bastiaans, to dinner dates just around the corner, you my dear Toms have kept my feet sheltered and warm.

We have covered many miles together, at least 3 a day, and you have served me well. You even make me look somewhat fashionable! And that is quite a feat.

But to be honest dear Toms, I am EXHAUSTED. My head is fuzzy, my muscles ache, even my afternoon cup of coffee won’t snap me out of this reverie. After weeks of Crossfit, netball, and endless walking, my body is breaking down and my patience is wearing thin. My feet are tired and broken, and you are tattered and torn.

My dear Toms, if only you showed me a little more support I would be happier and my feet less sore. But soon I will buy you in pairs of black, tribal, cable, and knit. Why? Because I still adore you.

Even if you smell like feet.

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