Day 319 and 320: Bus Stop

It is really funny transitioning between China and Florida posts. They are so different! It’s hard to refocus and remember how it felt living in a foreign country. I will continue to do my best!

Thursday, November 15th 

My view at the bus stop is one of my favorites.


The traffic from people, cars, bicycles, motorbikes, and buses is extraordinary on Tian lin Lu. If I am not running down the street, chasing down the 89 Bus, I am standing at the bus stop, watching the world go by. I can see into a restaurant directly across the street. The kitchen is open to the street and customers and I can see the ladies chopping, laughing, and greasing their woks as steam streams from the window. Everyday the waitress looks at me curiously, wondering why a white lady would take a bus in this part of town. I stare right back as she attends to the people hunched over their bowls, slurping noodles, and spearing dumplings with their chopsticks. It makes me hungry.

Eventually the bus comes barreling down the street, stopping for only the briefest moment to allow me to step on the platform. Before I know it the doors are shut behind me and I am being catapult down the aisle and heavily into a seat. Although public transportation in China is accessible, I never said it was ordinary.


In the early afternoon I headed to the gym for my own Crossfit workout during open gym. We had a birthday dinner for our friend Barri and I wanted to get in a good session.

My quads were still extremely sore so I decided to focus on my back and glutes. So of course I chose my favorite lift for strength.



5,5,5,5,5 – 75kg

Yep. Still my favorite lift. Only managed 75kg or 165 pounds but felt good. Then I made up my own WOD which turned out to be a doozy.


10 Push Up

15 Pull Up (kipping)

20 Sit Up

25 KB Swings – 12 kg


My time was 18.28 but I kept stopping! I know it was because I was alone in the gym and didn’t have the push of competing next to my fellow Crossfit peeps. Thankfully one of my friends from class was also at open gym and occasionally cheered me on. Thanks Michael! This time I used the big boy bar for kipping pull ups which was mentally challenging. I was pretty high up in the air and was forced to complete more pull ups at a time. It was tough but I liked the challenge. I love pull ups now!

That night we ate and drank like crazy at Barri’s birthday and I was so glad that I was able to fit in a workout. Putting that fuel to good use!

Friday, November 16th 

Despite being a tad *ahem* hungover… I felt pretty good the next day. It was raining pretty heavily all day so I was glad to take the bus to meet Peter for lunch.


I made plans to go to the Pearl City market with Barri in the early evening and was annoyed that it was still raining heavily. We left her work around 4 and stopped by my apartment to drop off our bags. By the time we left it was 5pm, rush hour was in full swing and it was raining cats and dog. Since grabbing a cab would be impossible, we decided to take the bus to the market. I had only a raincoat on and was freezing in the chilly rain by the time we made it to the bus stop. Finally our bus arrived and it was packed to the brim with people. There was no way we were getting onboard!

We decided to try walking a bit more and actually ran into Peter on the street! I was so happy and relieved to see him that I almost started crying. The weather was doing me no favors and I wanted to just go home. We ended up scratching the market for the night so Peter and I went home and watched movies.

I felt much better.

Sometimes China is too difficult to manage. You need to just stay inside and hide.

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