Day 344: Office Style

Monday, December 10th

It was back in the office Monday for this girl. And let me tell you, it was as if nothing had changed. I was back in my office with the dying orchid formatting emails and maneuvering paperwork. It was also back to fashion pictures in the bathroom.


I can’t help myself!

I wore blue cropped pants, white button up shirt, black sandals, and a new gold layered necklace from Target! Only 10 bucks.

Although it was great to see my coworkers again and actually talk in person about some projects, eventually I got bored and tired. I definitely do not miss the office environment. At all.

Thankfully I have been able to continue working part-time for the company while living abroad. However this is only temporary until my personal training and nutritional counseling business is up and running. There have been a few setbacks to this endeavor so for now I am grateful for the work. A couple boring months in the office can’t be too bad.

Daily Workout

After work my dad and I headed to the gym at 7pm. I was feeling super sore and unmotivated so I kind of wandered around the weight room doing random sets of heavy lifts.

Upright Cable Rows- 3×15, 32lbs.

Bench Press- 4×8, 30 lb. dumbbells 

Lateral Shoulder Raise – 4×8, 15 lb. dumbbells

Plank-2x1min. hold

Wall Sit- 2min. hold

It felt good to get in a good muscle burn without going crazy. Sometimes it’s good to just take it easy. Next time I’ll be ready for a heart pumping Crossfit WOD. Can’t wait!


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