Day 347: Missing China

Thursday, December 14th

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? I am! I am! A cold front has finally graced our presence here in Florida and I am jumping for joy (and warmth). Although it looks tropical and green outside, it feels otherwise.


Yesterday I worked most of the day and attended a business luncheon. The speaker at the luncheon is the president of the East-West Shriners Game which is coming to Tropicana this January. It is an college football all-star game that raises money for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. The president told amazing stories about his career coaching football and got us all excited for the 2nd annual game!

At 5:30pm I headed to the gym to meet Peter’s mom for a workout. My lower back was crazy sore from deadlifts so I worked on shoulder presses for strength. Still lifting those 30lb. dumbbells and feeling good!


Shoulder Press- 5×5, 30 lb. dumbbells

Then I modified a WOD from The Traveling WOD website. There’s no running for this girl!


4 Push Press (30lb. dumbbells)

8 Pull Up (kipping)

12 Dive Bomber

16 Jump Squat

20 Plate Pull Over (25lbs.)


My upper body was really challenged with the combination of push presses, pull ups, and dive bombers. By round 2 I was shaking like a leaf. I finished in 21.17 and felt a little nauseous at the end. I had to sit down for a bit and let the dizziness pass. At this time it was 7:30pm and I hadn’t eaten since 3pm. It was time to chow down!

Peter’s mom and I went to our favorite Thai restaurant and talked for hours. When our waitress brought out tea I was *this close* to saying “xie xie”. Whoops! She was Asian but definitely not Chinese! I guess my mind is still in China. I even used chopsticks to eat. It felt so natural!

Maybe I miss China. Just a little bit.

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