Day 346: Ancient

Wednesday, December 12th 

Did you know it was 12/12/12? You probably did. I did not until we started watching the 12/12/12/ concert for Sandy relief on television. There was more rock and roll and a very scary old and skinny Mick Jagger. Yikes. I mean he still sings and moves like a young man but looks scary. More so than Steven Tyler. I should know.

We watched the concert at a holiday dinner party at our neighbors house. Guess what else we did.


We totally decorated another Christmas tree. Now I’m up to 3 trees decorated this week. I’m ready to light a Menorah and call it a holiday.

Daily Workout

Before dinner I headed to the gym for a more inspired workout than Monday. I thought I made it early enough to beat the after work crowd but it turns out 4:30pm is a popular time for college kids home for the holidays. Which is cool except when there are maybe 10 of them spread out across the entire gym making any sort of Crossfit inspired workout difficult and awkward. Slightly ticked off, I took a deep breath and did some strength exercises in limited space.


Deadlift- 5×5- 120lbs.

Single Arm Rows- 3×15- 20lb. dumbbells

Split Leg Lunges- 3×15 each leg- 30 lbs.

Upright Row- 3×15- 15lb. dumbbells

Finally, a corner of the gym opened up so I quickly claimed my space and started a WOD.


30 Air Squats

20 Sit Ups

10 Pullups (kipping)


My time was 9.17 and I felt good but extremely awkward. There’s really no inconspicuous way to do kipping pullups. Especially in front of gaping college kids who, by the way, look like babies. It is weird to think that I am 6 years older than college freshmen. WHOAH.

Just wait till I turn 25. I’ll be ancient (like Mick Jagger).

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