Day 354-357: Quick Holiday Workouts

Gotta post these photos of the day fast! I will continue to post my recent WODs. Try them out! They are awesome.

OH and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20th 

You know it is the holidays when…

You spot Santa at the gym.


This workout was a tough one. I got a call and had to leave at the beginning of the last round which definitely made me move faster!


50 Air Squats

9 Push Press- 25 lb. dumbbells

12 Pull Up-kipping

15 Sit Up


I finished this WOD in 18.02, almost a minute faster than my last attempt!

Squats still suck. A lot. However, push presses are really fun and they almost made up for the squats. Then of course pull ups kill me. When I’m tired I can only string together 3 pull ups at a time. It takes forever. It would be helpful if my hands stopped ripping open, making it painful to hold the bar.

They never said Crossfit was easy.

Friday, December 21st

Friday was a rest day. We had a holiday party in the evening. Holiday parties call for pearls.


It is all class over here.

Saturday, December 22nd 

Saturday was still kind of cold which meant outside was the place to be. The weather was perfect for a bike ride.


Then I warmed up even more with a quick WOD.


10 Superman

10 Hollow Rock

10 Push Up

10 Pull Up


I finished in 14.36 and really wished I had not opted for another WOD with pull ups. 60 pull ups is a lot! Especially when there are lots of vacationers at the gym giving you odd looks as you kip up a bar. Honestly, it feels pretty cool.

They were jealous.

Sunday, December 23rd

Sunday was a beautiful starry night.


Meeting up with old friends always makes the season brighter.

And also really makes you happy that you moved away from your hometown.

I’m just sayin’.

Merry Christmas!


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